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Institute of Refractory Materials

Company Name: Institute of Refractory Materials
Country: Poland
Address: Toszecka Gliwice
ZIP: PL44100
Company Profile
Refractory Materials Division in Gliwice is a research and development centre operating in the field of technological ceramics, with particular regard to refractories. The scope of its activities also includes issues connected with raw materials as well as problems linked to environment protection in ceramic processes and the application of ceramics in environmental protection. Owing to numerous contacts with the users of refractories, among others in metallurgical,non-ferrous,glass-making,ceramics,cement, foundry,machine building, chemical and petrochemical industry, the application team has considerable experience in the area of refractories' application. The Division carries out works in a full cycle: from basic studies, thorough applied investigations, research and development, finishing with implementation. We also provide expertises as well as technological and scientific consulting. The scope of works undertaken by the Institute includes: developing new research methods, shaping texture of ceramic materials to achieve specific properties of functionality, improving the properties and processes of traditional refractories' manufacture monolithic materials with properties conformed with conditions of exploitation, special products with complex or gradient structure, non-oxide and composite ceramics, application of hydrothermal processes in processing of raw materials, analysis of refractory material consumption in heating appliances used by different users, application of ceramic raw materials in environment protection, utilisation of non-organic industrial waste. In 1993 the Laboratory of Refractory Materials Testing was formed. In 1996 the Laboratory received Accreditation Certificate No AB 097 of Polish Center of Research and Certification, EA MLA sygnatary, confirming that it conforms standard of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. It is a single research laboratory accredited in Poland in the field of refractory and technical ceramics. The range of accreditation comprises 129 research methods, and total of 282 methods is comprised in the system. Moreover, the Institute deals with standarisation, scientific-technical information, patent protection in the field of refractory ceramics; it also runs publishing activity.